TikTok Adds New ‘Business Creative Hub’ For Brands

As the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store and with over 689M active users worldwide, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms. First seen as a replacement for Vine and known for short trendy dance videos, the social media platform has become a place where any video could easily go viral, and users of all interests can find content that is relevant to them. To help brands reach these users, TikTok has introduced a new in-app Business Creative Hub for business accounts.

TikTok’s team has said this about the release of Business Creative Hub:

“From listening to our business users, we found that a common challenge faced by many was a lack of inspiration for new content to post. It could be that a winning strategy used on other platforms isn’t having the same success here, or that you don’t know what’s trending and how your brand can jump on board.”

The goal of the new hub is to offer guidance on content creation and a steady stream of trending content to help brands learn from best practices and turn creative ideas into TikTok videos. To access this new hub, you’ll first want to activate your free business account. From there, the new Business Creative Hub can be found under the 'Business suite' section of the 'Settings and privacy' menu on the TikTok app. It comprises two handy resources: the Business Content Guide, and the continually-updated Video Showcase.

Business Content Guide

The Business Content Guide is a go to place for brands to learn and get the hang of using TikTok for their business. It is there to help inspire your team with tips for content strategy, ideas, best times to post, and even success stories from other brands that are in your industry.

Video Showcase

The Video Showcase features three curated feeds of trending content popular in your country over the past 30 days.

  • The first feed, Trending: Business, shows videos from other Business Accounts in the same country, ranked by the total number of likes they've received.

  • The second feed, Engaging: Business, shows a similar selection of popular Business Account content, but ranked by the level of engagement, measured by the ratio of comments to video views.

  • The third feed, Trending: Community, shows videos from all account types, ranked by the total number of likes received.

Tips from Adalane For Your Business

  • Move away from creating traditional influencer ads and create videos that are natural and “less scripted”.

  • Ride the trends but put your own spin on it. TikTok creators don’t need to figure out how to create a trend from scratch. The platform actually encourages creators to plagiarize what is currently trending. Find what other brands are doing in your industry in the Business Creative Hub.

  • Engage with your users. As you create videos, followers will comment with questions which could be used as new content ideas for future posts.

  • Keep your ads short. TikTok’s algorithm likes ads that are between 9-15 seconds.

How are you using TikTok to grow your brand?

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